Hollow Section Scaffolding is a versatile product commonly used in construction projects to provide a safe working platform at height. It is made from hollow steel sections, making it strong yet lightweight, and can be easily assembled and dismantled. If you are looking for reliable hollow section suppliers, choose Power Metal & Steel!
The common size we supply :
Thickness Length
SHS 2” x 2” 2.3mm , 3.0mm 6m (new / reconditioned)
RHS 2” x 4” , 2” x 3” 2.3mm 6m (new / reconditioned)
Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is utilised on construction sites in order to support workers and supplies during construction, maintenance, and repair projects. A popular kind of scaffolding product used in construction projects is hollow section scaffolding. The hollow steel tubes used to construct this scaffolding structure are sturdy, long-lasting, and lightweight.  

Hollow Section Scaffolding Advantages

  • Strength: The strength of hollow section scaffolding is one of its main benefits. This scaffolding system is perfect for construction projects where employees need to access elevated work locations since it is built of steel tubes that can handle large weights. The lightweight hollow steel tubes utilised in this scaffolding structure make them simple to transport and erect.
  • Versatility: The versatility of hollow section scaffolding is another benefit. This scaffolding system can complete simple repairs to significant construction projects of all sizes. Additionally, it is quite adaptable, enabling workers to change the scaffolding's height, width, and other characteristics to suit their unique requirements.

Hollow Section Scaffolding Components

There are some hollow section scaffolding components, including foundation plates, vertical standards, ledgers, transoms, and diagonal braces. The vertical standards are the vertical tubes that support the scaffolding structure, whilst the base plates are used to secure the scaffolding to the ground. The diagonal braces are used to offer additional stability to the scaffolding construction. The ledgers and transoms are the horizontal tubes that link the vertical standards.  

Applications of Hollow Section Scaffolding

Construction projects that involve the construction of buildings, bridges, and industrial maintenance frequently use hollow section scaffolding. Along with shipbuilding, oil and gas platforms and other offshore construction projects utilise this scaffolding technology.  

Get High-Quality Hollow Section Scaffolding

Hollow section scaffolding can be the ideal choice if you're planning a building project and require a sturdy scaffolding system. In construction projects worldwide, hollow section scaffolding is a flexible and long-lasting scaffolding structure. This is where you should find reliable Hollow Section Suppliers! Here at Power Metal & Steel, we take pride in offering our customers high-quality hollow section scaffolding products. Since safety and dependability are crucial in building projects, our Steel Hollow Section Supplier Malaysia provide scaffolding that complies with or exceeds industry standards. We also provide affordable pricing without sacrificing quality. We are also a square hollow section supplier Malaysia that offers scaffolding products at competitive prices that uphold the highest standards of reliability and safety. * Please consult customer service or sales representative for shorter length.


Square hollow sections are versatile and can be used in many applications. They offer uniform strength, aesthetic appeal, and ease of fabrication compared to other steel shapes.

Yes, our square hollow sections meet all Malaysian standards and regulations, ensuring high quality and safety for all construction and structural applications.

Yes, we provide customization options for square hollow sections. You can request specific dimensions and features to match your project needs.

Yes, we can supply steel hollow sections in bulk quantities. Our production capacity ensures timely delivery for large-scale construction projects.

To place an order for square or steel hollow sections, simply contact us via WhatsApp at 018-355 9956. We will guide you through the ordering process.


Power Metal & Steel offers reliable and high-quality scaffolding & steel products that help build your success. Our products are designed to meet customers' requirements, with safety and convenience being our top priorities. You can connect with our team to know more about the products!

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