Wire mesh (BRC) scaffolding is commonly used in construction projects to provide a safe working platform for workers at height. It is also popular due to its easy installation, high durability, and cost-effectiveness.

General Technical Specifications
ReferenceNo. M.S.145(*B.S. 4483)Reference No. Main Wire Main Wire Main Wire MASS per unit area (kg/m2)
Diameter (mm) Pitch (mm) Diameter (mm) Pitch (mm) Diameter (mm) Pitch (mm)
A4 A63 4.0 200.0 4.0 200.0 63.09 63.09 0.99
A5 A98 5.0 200.0 5.0 200.0 98.0 98.0 1.54
A6 A142 6.0 200.0 6.0 200.0 142.0  142.0 2.22
A7 A193 7.0 200.0 7.0 200.0 193.0  193.0 3.02
A8 A252 8.0 200.0 8.0 200.0 252.0 252.0 3.95
A9 A318 9.0 200.0 9.0 200.0 318.0 318.0 4.99
A10 A393 10.0 200.0 10.0 200.0 393.0 393.0 6.16
A11 A475 11.0 200.0 11.0 200.0 475.0 475.0 7.46
A12 A565 12.0 200.0 12.0 200.0 565.0 565.0 8.88
A13 A664 13.0 200.0 13.0 200.0 664.0 664.0 10.42

Wire mesh is one of the most diverse and valuable products. Whether you want to install a barricade, fence, or shelve or use it in cages or grills, wire mesh is the most popular option used across the world. Wire mesh is available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. For sifters, wires are closely meshed to let you sift. On the other hand, fences and barricades have wide meshing. In short, you can choose the size and dimension of wire meshing according to your needs. Similarly, wire meshing is available in different materials and you can choose the materials according to your construction needs, as different materials have different properties and applications.

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Different Material Used For Wire Meshing


Types Of Wire Mesh

There are two main types of wire meshing: welded and woven.

Welded Mesh

Welded mesh is a relatively simple method of wire meshing. In welded mesh, several wires are placed in parallel and perpendicular fashion, forming a checked formation. The formation is then welded using an automatic welding machine.

Woven Mesh

Woven wire mesh is a number of metal wires interlaced together to build a roll or sheet in a specific pattern. At the time of wire mesh weaving, parameters such as wire diameter, opening size, micron rating, pattern, width, and length can be customized according to your specific requirements.


Applications of Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is a versatile product widely and heavily used across multiple industries. Some common uses of wire meshing are:


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