The end product's quality, longevity, and durability are significantly influenced by the materials chosen for construction projects. Particularly, galvanized iron (GI) pipes have endured the test of time and maintained their appeal within the construction industry. These pipes are a great option for a wide range of applications because of their advantages.
Still confused? No worry; in this blog, you will get to know everything about GI pipe in Malaysia.

What are Galvanized Iron Pipes?

Steel pipes that have undergone a specific coating treatment to stop corrosion and lengthen their lifespan are known as galvanised steel pipes. These pipes are usually composed of carbon steel and have a zinc coating that creates a barrier to keep the steel safe from the elements. The zinc coating improves the overall strength of the pipe while offering remarkable resistance to rust and corrosion. They are also known as galvanised pipes or galvanising pipes as well.

Applications of Galvanized Iron Pipes

There are several applications for galvanized iron pipes in various sectors. One of the most common applications for galvanised iron pipes is plumbing systems. They are widely used in both residential and commercial buildings' drainage and water supply systems. In addition, gas pipelines, the oil and gas sector, fire sprinkler systems, and building projects all require galvanized iron pipes. They are also utilized in guardrails, railings, and outside fences.

What are the Properties of Galvanized Iron Pipes?

Useful Installation Tips for GI Pipes

Accurate Measurements: Take precise measurements and record the locations of pipes, fittings, and connections to ensure exact alignment and prevent rework.
Use High-Quality Materials: Invest in high-quality GI pipes and fittings that meet the specifications of your project to ensure longevity and stop leaks.
Appropriate Sloping: Make sure pipes are sloped correctly to aid in drainage.
Pressure Testing: After installation, do pressure testing to find and fix any leaks before the system is working.
Prevent Corrosion: Especially in corrosive situations, consider anodic protection or routine maintenance to increase the longevity of GI pipes.
Consult a Professional: Seek professional advice for complicated installations or whenever you're unclear about any aspect of the project to guarantee a code-compliant and dependable installation.

What Makes the Galvanized Pipes the Best Choice?

GI Pipes are the most preferred option for many projects because of their various features. Below, we have curated some features that will help you know why GI pipes are the best choice:

Corrosion Resistance

The excellent corrosion resistance of galvanised iron pipes is one of its primary features. The zinc coating serves as a barrier, protecting the steel from its surroundings. This successfully stops the underlying metal from coming into direct contact with chemicals, moisture, and other substances that cause corrosion. This feature is especially useful for situations where the pipes are buried underground or are exposed to harsh weather.


Galvanised pipes are known for their longevity. In addition to preventing corrosion, the zinc coating slows down normal wear and tear. This special feature enables GI pipes to last for many years with little maintenance, thus saving time and money. Research and experiments have demonstrated that galvanised steel, when utilised as a common building material in both urban and rural settings, may endure for more than 50 years, if not longer.


Galvanized iron pipes are an affordable option for a variety of applications. These pipes are an excellent option for projects with limited budgets because they are affordable. But their true value lies in their long-term savings. Because of the zinc coating's resistance to corrosion, these pipes last longer and require fewer replacements over time. Galvanized iron pipes provide significant long-term savings due to their low maintenance needs and lower repair expenses.


There are many applications for galvanised iron pipes, including plumbing, building, and outside settings. They have unique properties like exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. You can find the perfect GI pipe that perfectly meets your project needs. With Power Metal & Steel, your search for a reputable Gi Pipe Supplier in Malaysia is over. We offer the finest quality of Galvanized pipes that meet a variety of project requirements. If you want to know more, you can connect with our team!
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